Finding Purpose in Sharing Your Story: A Q&A With Esophageal Cancer Survivor Rachael Kearney

Stories can be a powerful tool for finding connection and comfort, especially for people living with and beyond cancer. This is something Rachael Kearney learned firsthand after she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Ms. Kearney, a survivor living in Manchester, England, started her podcast, Call On Courage, to feature stories about finding courage, starting over, and overcoming.

In this Cancer.Net podcast, Frank Penedo, PhD, talks with Ms. Kearney about her experience being diagnosed with esophageal cancer, how she managed side effects from the cancer and its treatment, and how sharing her story has helped her cope with the disease.

  • What was your experience being diagnosed with cancer like? [2:26]
  • How did you deal with the initial shock of your diagnosis? [4:20]
  • What were the side effects of your cancer and its treatment, and how did you cope with those changes? [7:57]
  • Was there anything that surprised you after your diagnosis and treatment? [12:50]
  • What advice do you have for people with cancer and survivors on coping with the disease? [17:13]
  • Can you tell us a little bit about your podcast, Call on Courage, and what your goals for the project were? [20:47]
  • How do you think sharing your story can help others cope with a cancer diagnosis? [24:27]
  • What advice do you have for other people with cancer and survivors who are interested in sharing their story? [27:37]

Dr. Penedo is the associate director of cancer survivorship and behavioral translational sciences and also the director of cancer survivorship and supportive care programs at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is also an advisory panelist on the 2022 Cancer.Net Editorial Board.

Ms. Kearney has no relevant relationships to disclose. View Dr. Penedo’s disclosures.

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