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The Explosive Arrival of Chat GPT and Generative AI

In his position, Faruk Capan leads thousands of employees around the globe with a focus on bold innovation—one can imagine how excited he is about Chat GPT, which set the record for fastest-growing user base in history. Senior editor Fran Pollaro and Faruk go back and forth about positives, negatives, hopes, and fears attached to generative AI for us as regular humans, and as pharma marketers. The pair delve into content creation, creative, video production, research, sales and marketing…it’s clear that we’re on the precipice of life-changing innovation.

About the Speaker

Faruk Capan is the CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH & Chief Innovation Officer, EVERSANA. Faruk began his first business at age nine and went on to create, the first and largest online community for people living with multiple sclerosis ­– before founding Intouch in 1999. Today, he leads thousands of employees around the globe with a focus on bold innovation in a people-first environment. He is equally passionate about sports and shoes.

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