Ayurveda Kit Helps for Covid Cure

In compliance of the directive, the Ayurveda department in the state has provided the medicine kit to all districts. Officials said a batch of patients who took the medicines saw great results and reports coming negative in just seven days. The medicines are found to be effective in enhancing the immunity.

According to ministry sources, these medicines also cure soreness of throat and breathing problems.

The kit consists of Ayush-64 tab, Sanshamani Vati, Anu Tel, and Agastya Haritiki.


Ayurveda expert, Dr. Nirankar Goel, said Ayush-64 and Sanshamani Vati can cure not only corona but all types of fever.

Sanshamani Vati is an effective remedy for viral infections. One drop of Anu Tel dripping in both nostrils relieves stuffy nose, cures throat inflammations and eye problems. Agastya Haritiki Avleha acts as a cure for breathing problems, TB, asthma and fever.

“The medicines have already been tested. They have to be consumed for seven days under expert guidance”, said the doctor.

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