Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive Launched for Pets and Stray Dogs in Delhi-NCR

Good news to all pet lovers. A free anti-rabies vaccination campaign is organized in Delhi-NCR. It’s time to vaccinate our pets and stray dogs to fight against rabies.

To spread awareness about the importance of rabies vaccines on the occasion of World Rabies Day, the DCC (Dogs Cats and Companions) Animal Hospital here launched a vaccination drive to administer shots to stray dogs across Delhi-NCR.

Importance of Rabies Vaccine

The hospital aims to vaccinate stray dogs and promote a more nuanced knowledge of pet illnesses and vaccines while highlighting the advantages of immunizing stray animals for both people and other animals.

A minivan launched on Wednesday will also provide comprehensive advice on the ideal procedures for dog vaccination.

Vinod Sharma, Director and Head of Veterinary Services, DCC Animal Hospital, said, “The importance of rabies vaccination is particularly salient today in light of the rising cases of street dog attacks in several parts of the country.


“Hence, proper vaccinations of street dogs make for the best and most humane solution, not just for the strays but for people in the localities as well. As such, we hope that through this vaccination drive, DCC Animal Hospital can enhance the awareness and understanding of pet vaccinations and healthcare for both strays and pet dogs.”

Source: IANS

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