UK Tops The Chart of Employing Overseas Doctors Than Indigenous Ones

Hospitals are filled with doctors who hail from different countries than the ones born in the United Kingdom, revealed a new study.

Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has conducted a study on the employment of doctors by the NHS. It has reported that UK is the largest employer of foreign doctors and nurses.

NHS has 36% of foreign doctors compared to Italy (5%) and Germany (10%). It is three times greater than Germany and other countries in Europe. Also, UK tends to be largest exporter of qualified doctors compared to other countries in the world.

The study has also found that hospitals with the highest proportion of foreign nurses had the highest levels of patient dissatisfaction, with patients more likely to say they struggled to understand staff, and less likely to feel treated with dignity.


A Department of Health spokesperson said, “Overseas staff are a crucial part of the NHS team but they must have the relevant qualifications and good communication skills. Trusts and practices must make sure that overseas staff have the necessary support and training to be able to offer patients safe and effective care.”

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