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Staying Research Data Compliant with HIPAA in the Cloud

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is essential for clinical and health science researchers worldwide handling protected health information (PHI) to safeguard patient privacy and ensure research is conducted ethically. Learn how a secure cloud platform can provide researchers with peace of mind that data is protected and HIPAA compliant.

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Event Overview:

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is essential for clinical and health science researchers worldwide who handle protected health information (PHI) to protect patient privacy and ensure research is conducted ethically. Oracle offers a secure cloud platform that meets HIPAA requirements, providing researchers with peace of mind that the data is protected and HIPAA compliant. Oracle achieves HIPAA compliance through ongoing practices and standards, such as encryption of data at rest and in transit, testing, and certifying physical security, requiring all HIPAA-compliant tenancies to have a business associate agreement in place, monitoring security settings and traffic flow, and undertaking continual security awareness and HIPAA trainings.
In this session, you’ll learn about the HIPAA compliance landscape overall and how Oracle supports HIPAA compliance for researchers, allowing them to focus on their research while maintaining patient trust and avoiding the risk of costly penalties and reputational damage.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Best practices and standards for PHI security and ethics.
  • How technology is making data safe, secure, and actionable.
  • How to leverage emerging new tools and technologies while maintaining compliance.
  • How industry can partner successfully with researchers, funders, and governments.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is applicable to:

  • Clinical researchers, data scientists, and clinical decision teams responsible for:
    • Clinical development planning and study design
    • Management of patients and measurement of clinical outcomes
    • Clinical data management, collecting and evaluating trial metrics.
    • Project management of studies, process optimization, and operational excellence


Global Vice President Clinical Innovation
Katherine (Kathy) Vandebelt believes patients are the most important constituent in clinical development and provide the necessary information to assess the safety and efficacy of new medicines. Kathy is using the power of technology to introduce new experiences and expectations to make the clinical research ecosystem better for patients, healthcare providers, sponsors, and regulators. With over thirty years of experience in clinical research working in different geographies and across various therapeutic areas, Kathy has worked with various organizations to advance their clinical operations and business processes to a better operating model.

Founder and CEO
Mighty Red Barn

A neuroscientist by training, Laure Haak has a BS and MS in Biology and PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University, and she did postdoctoral work at the National Institutes of Health. Her career includes diverse experiences: serving as founding Executive Director of ORCID; leadership roles at Thomson Reuters, The US National Academies, and Science Magazine. She is currently founder and CEO of Mighty Red Barn, a consultancy that supports impact-based organizations building digital infrastructure, and helping research innovators go from discovery to startup. Laure carries on this work as a Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute, and Board Chair of Phoenix Bioinformatics and the Green Bay Chapter of SCORE.

Director Solutions Architecture

Raoul Miller is Director of Solutions Architecture at Oracle where he manages an international team of technical experts for Oracle for Research. For the past 15 years he has worked around the world on cloud architecture, information management, and security. He has a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus on climate change and landscape evolution in the Arctic. He lives in coastal CT.

Research Advocate and Pharmacoepidemiology PhD Student

Christine Ballard is a professionally trained epidemiologist specialized in clinical research. She has her Master of Public Health and is currently pursuing her PhD in pharmacoepidemiology at UNC Chapel Hill. Her vast experience includes stints as an assistant professor and clinical research roles at Wake Forest Baptist Health, University of Rochester Medical Center, and the New York State Department of Public Health. In addition to pursuing her PhD, she is also a Research Advocate at Oracle for Research, where she supports researchers with hands-on expertise and resources from Oracle Cloud.

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