Meditation and Yoga for a Healthy and Happier Life

Daaji – Guide of Heartfulness shared his nuggets of wisdom and threw light on how to strike the balance in life for a healthier and more fulfilling happier life on the occasion.

The event’s theme focussed on bringing about holistic health and taking preventive measures on a large scale, timely intervention, handling mental health, and the latest trends in Medical Sciences.


“Yoga means to unite. The term religion – a derivative of ‘ligare’ or ligament – is to unite with God. Although Yoga empowers a person to be the witness while very much being part of one’s normal day-to-day lives and yet remain unalloyed. Yoga gives happiness, health, bliss, and beyond which are permanent unlike the temporary joys of the mundane world. Yoga also serves as a tool for one to experience the Divine. It is unlike religion where the belief of God is indoctrinated to a point where the child grows up with the idea but never experiences the truth within himself,” says Daaji by bringing the analogy between yoga and medicine.

Yoga for a Mindful Life

The proliferation of mental illnesses among everyone in the modern era sets a dire need to tackle them. This is easily brought about by yoga — a tool to invite both spirituality and success in the materialistic world.

“I don’t recommend meditation for a severe case of depression because such a mind will constantly gravitate towards the problem. Instead, we advise the person to relax and get good sleep as a trainer from Heartfulness will help the person through yogic methods. One can notice a big change in just one month,” says Daaji.

As the world is struggling with the perilous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, findings ways to tackle both physical and mental exhaustion may help cultivate inner bliss for healthier lives.

Daaji also drew parallels to medical science on three mental states — open-eye state, dream state, and deep sleep state (delta waves in deep sleep evidenced as calmest akin to a meditative state of mind).

Hence, regular meditation not only allows the mind to develop a state of tackling distresses but also allows healthy progression of one’s perception and sensitivity.

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