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Our very thoughtful gift guide, 2022

Heading into the festive season often brings a whole host of anxieties. This year, gift-giving can come with extra layers of stress. The cost of living situation and postal strikes, might make us particularly anxious. We worry about how to afford things and get them to their intended destination in time. Not to mention the ever-lingering threat of being crammed into busy, hot, shopping spaces with poor air circulation.

We’re here to shake the stress out of shopping. Our gift guide focuses on a range of potential recipients. Gifts have been carefully selected to offer a range of prices. We’ve included everything you need to know about postage dates and postal strikes. All without a not-quite-robust-enough shopping bag in sight.

So grab a cuppa, settle down on the sofa, snuggle up in a fluffy blanket, and let those shoulders drop. Take a moment, breathe out, and let’s dive in.

Or, if you’re in a rush, we’ve gathered all of our products into one easy-peasy place.

A little something

With the costs stacking up this year, the little somethings mean more than ever. Perhaps it’s part of a secret Santa or a little thank you to someone who’s been there for us. Meaningful little somethings can often feel like big somethings.

Product image: Affirming pencil

Affirming Foiled Pencil – £2

We don’t need a fairy to fly in and turn us into magical carriage-worthy beings with a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. We’re magical and worthy, just as we are. We just need a reminder sometimes.

Product: Create your own pocket-sized cool cat. Cat is dark green with heart-shaped glasses.

Cut out and make cool cat – £2.95 50p

We all need reminders to cool it sometimes. That’s where a cat with funky glasses comes in! Firstly, pop the pieces out. Then, slot them together. Finally, cool cat stands up, reminding us to cool down.

Product: Embroidered patch. You are braver than you believe. Bear hugging self with eyes closed. Text is dark green, background is deal, trim is royal blue.

Bravery Bear Iron-on patch – £6 £3

It’s tough not being able to hug people from afar. But we have the next best thing. Bravery bear lets us post a bear-hug to a loved one at the same time as reminding them that they’re braver than they might think.

Gifts for those having a rough ride

We all know someone who’s been having a rough ride lately – and not just because their sleigh hit some turbulence. Life can be tough, it can lob lemons at us left, right, and centre. So we all need ways to ride out the grey days.

Product image: Create a comfort jar

Create a comfort jar – £3

When we’re overwhelmed, and over-tired, it can be hard to think of ways to comfort ourselves. But these are the times we often need the most comfort. Send a comfort jar to a loved one blank, or start to fill some of the slips with comforting ideas to send solace from afar.

Product: Tokens for grey days. This token entitles the bearer to: Signed by:

Little book of tokens for grey days – £7

Self-kindness is hard. Though we don’t need permission to self-care, sometimes it feels like we do. So pop some permission in the post by sending these tokens to a loved one. Send them blank, or start filling them with their favourite things (à la Sound of Music) for a personalised gift.

Product: acrylic sunshine pin. Yellow sun, yellow and orange rays, green classes. Backing card: Monday April, 2021, Weekly edition, The Blurt Foundation Post weather report. This week you can expect a little sun.

3 for 2 pins – £14

When we’re going through tough times, it can chip away at our self-worth. So we all need reminders that we have excellent duvet forting skills, that we live life kindfully, and that brighter days are coming. We love pins because they’re little reminders that we can carry with us wherever we go. We have a selection of designs.

Facing new challenges

Sometimes, new years bring new challenges. Saying “I support you but I’m also a little worried about you because I know how easy it is to look after yourself and not get totally and utterly burned out so if you could wiggle some self-care time into all that newness and also recognise how far you’ve come and how capable you are, that would be ace” is a liiiiittle bit of a mouthful. Sometimes showing is easier than saying. That’s where these gifts come in.

Product image: Greenhouse growth tracker

Greenhouse of growth – £4.95

When facing new challenges, it’s easy to feel like the Grinch stole our self-confidence. By noting down new things we learn and challenges we overcome, then adding them to our greenhouse of growth, we have a written reminder of how far we’ve come for particularly Grinch-y days.

Product: Problem log desk pad.

A4 Problem log notepad – £10

Problems can become swirly-whirly in our mind. It can be hard to know where to start when facing new challenges. It can feel like everything’s tangled up. A tangible problem solver, can help us to work through it all step-by-step. It helps us to stop, breathe, then figure out a way forward.

Product image: Making space

Making space – £13.99 £9

New challenges can lead to blurry boundaries. We often start with the best intentions, but before long, our boundaries have well and truly skedaddled and we feel like we’re drowning. Making Space helps us understand our boundaries and how to confidently assert them.

Self-care is for life, not just for Christmas

In the lull of bendy-time between Christmas and New Year, many people make sparkly plans for the year ahead. We often have good intentions. But once the baubles are boxed up, the lights are in the loft, and the Christmas tree is back in the cupboard, those good intentions can just sort of melt away. But self-care is for life, not just for Christmas. Sometimes, we need a little extra help to keep it slotted into our schedule. That’s why these gifts are designed to offer small self-care prompts every day.

Product: Let's check in. Daily checking-in page. Includes 100 sheets.

A6 “let’s check-in” pad – £5.50

New year can be a busy-buzzing-bustle. Before long, we’re totally, utterly frazzled. If we don’t make time to check in with ourselves, then we make more mistakes, feel burned out, and end up having to do things multiple times. This daily check-in pad helps to clear our mind by prompting us to stop, breathe, and take a little time to reflect.

Product: Self care anchors. Hellow anchor on pale blue background with green leaves and orange flowers.

Self-care anchor notepad – £7.50

We often think that once the festive frazzle is over, life might calm down. But, often, the festive frazzle becomes the January juggle, and before we know it, it’s the May muddle and we’re not quite sure where the last five months went. Self-care anchors help to center us, put both feet on the ground, and be intentional when taking our next steps.

Product: 30 dat self-care challenge accordion card. Packet next to accordion. Fold-out challenges are: "start here", "make a list of your favourite smells", "listen to your favourite song", "write a positive note for someone".

30-day self-care challenge – £9.95

Legend has it that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. The exact number of days is up for discussion, but a 30-day self-care challenge can certainly help to build helpful habits. These challenges are designed to slot into our exiting routines, not to add lots of extra ‘things’ on our ever-overflowing ‘to do’ list. And at the end of 30 days? We can just start again!


Sometimes, life feels a bit like entering Kevin McAllister’s house. It’s one thing after another after another after another – we feel battered and bruised with no time to collect our thoughts before a new practical joke comes our way. We need to take a big breath in, and a slow one out. Then, we need to pop in a pause.

Product: House of calm.

House of calm – £4.25

When we’re too tired and stressed to create some quiet, we need the House of Calm. When a calm-creating idea appears, pop it on a slip and slot it into the house for the next buzzy-brain time. If we’re gifting it, we could start to fill in some of the slips before we send it. They act as little prompts to pop in a pause every now and again.

Product: "Social Rest" card.

Recipe for rest cards – £7

It’s easy to blame our tiredness on festive frazzle, January blues, or straightforward lack of sleep. But, there are seven different types of rest. So, even if we’re well-rested in one area, we might find that we’re significantly lacking a different type of rest. These recipe cards are less about making a cake, and more about making resting space.

Book: Radical rest. Get more done by doing less. Richard Lister.

Radical rest book – £12.99

Resting might not sound radical. But when we live in a world that constantly pushes us to go faster than Santa’s sleigh, saying “nope not today” can be a radical move. Resting is a vital part of staying well. It also helps us to perform better when we’re not resting. In radical rest, Richard Lister helps us to build rest into our days.

Sensory Soothers

Sensing and soothing can help us to feel as warm and fuzzy as a toasty little marshmallow. When we’re stressed or upset, self-soothing can calm our nervous system down, and ground us. So, sense and soothe the stress away!

Product Image: Brightening Watermelon Exfoliating Cubes

Sunday Rain Exfoliating Cubes – £3

We all have days that we want to scrub away. We might not be able to delete days, but we can get sensory soothing. So sink a zingy, watermelon-scented cube into skin and scrub in circular motions.

Product: Miss patisserie salted caramel bath slab.

Miss Patisserie Bath Slab – £7.50

Is the weather outside so frightful? 
Well, baths can be delightful. 
Just bubble those troubles away.
Feel more okay, more okay, more okay.

Product: deep sleep pillow spray and stress check roll-on.

This Works choose sleep kit – £10

Gahhh, sleep can be elusive. This Works Sleep Kit is a double act. The stress check roll-on and the deep dreams pillow spray, help us to nod off. Before long, we’ll head to the land of zzzzzzzzzz…

Wrap up a rainbow

Wrapping up an actual rainbow might be a little tricky (even with a seasonal sprinkle of magic). But, here’s the next best thing. Wrap up a colourful collection of colours to bring a little joy to a loved one’s life.

Product image: Rainbow Modelling Clay

Rainbow Mini Modelling Clay – £1.95

With Autumn behind us and Spring a little way off, the world sometimes feels quite dark. Sometimes, we have to make our own rainbow! Mini modelling rainbow clay is an excellent stocking-filler-sized splash of colour to help us do just that.

Product image: Rainbow Reminders Badge Pack

Rainbow Reminders Trio badge pack – £4

Even when we don’t feel so twinkly, we are as twinkly as the twinkliest Christmas lights. We just need a reminder of how brightly we shine, sometimes. This trio of badges are shaking pompoms to remind us of our worthiness, shininess, and colourfulness.

Product: Get into the soothe. Colouring book. 36 colouring sheets inside. Front of product.

Get into the soothe colouring book – £6.95

Colouring can be calming, by giving us a chance to stop, rest, and just ‘be’. So,grab a blanket, whack on a Christmas film, and get lost in the soothe of shading and scribbling. With 36 sheets, this colouring book might keep us going for a whole shelf of Christmas films!

Sprinkle Self-Kindness

Self-kindness is never as easy as it sounds. We all need some help to sprinkle a little more self-kindness through our lives. Help encourage a loved one to join the kindfulness club with these kindfully kindful gifts.

Product Image: Fold-out Poster

Double-sided 2-in-1 Fold-Out Poster – £5.50

Sprinkle self-kindness with this 2-in-1 fold-out poster. With a smile-spreading self-worth declaration on one side and 10 reasons you’re worthy and wonderful on the other. Because worthy and wonderful is just what we are, sprinkly, shiny, self-kindful stars.

Product image: Kindfulness pin

Kindfulness Club Enamel Pin – £7

Have you joined the kindfulness club, yet? It’s one of the coolest clubs around! Popping a pin on a bag or a coat, helps to remind us to be kind to ourselves (which can be tricky, sometimes!). We can also spot other kindfulness club members wherever we go.

Product: Kind cards for unkind days. Cards shown include one with drawing of banana and another filled with rainbows.

54 Kind Cards for Unkind Days – £9.95

Unkind days can drag us down-down-down. But kind words and drawings from little people can create biiiiiiig smiles. The only thing better than a kind card created by kids, is 54 kind cards created by kids! We can never have too much kindness in our life.

Gifts for growth

We often reassess things as one year rolls into another. Sometimes, that can be super-duper-tricky because our sense of self and ideas of identity go kaput. A little guidance to work through our thinking one step at a time can help us to process our thinking and work out our next step.

Product: Are you looking for answers? Enrich your life by asking the right questions. Mapology guide.

Choice of Mapology guides – £5

Do you ever wish there was a handbook for life? Well, you’re in luck! Gone are the days of slightly-crumpled, uninspiring, printer-not-quite-working, self-help sheets. Because mapology guides help us navigate tricky issues in style. From gratitude to grumbles, anger to answers, and idea-finding to intentional living, mapology guides cover it all. We love them!

Product image: 100 journal prompts for personal growth

100 Journal Prompts for Personal Growth – £7

We’ve all been there. We sit down in front of a blank journal page with all this buzz in our head aaaaaaand…. Nothing, nada, zilch. Journal prompts can encourage the words and/or pictures to flow, helping us to self-reflect, and figure things out. These 100 prompts are specifically designed to help us reflect on our personal growth.

365 Days of Self-Care: A Journal

365 days of self-care a journal – £12.99

After the first few days back at work/school/life, our self-care intentions often end up all boxed up with the slightly-bashed-baubles and not-so-twinkly-any-more lights. We need a handy self-care supporter by our side. It’s a good job that we’ve got just the thing! This journal guides us through a whole year of self-care, one day at a time.

Self-care for little ‘uns

We’re never too young to learn about self-care. Encouraging our youngsters to learn different ways to calm down after a busy-whizzy day can help them to learn skills for life. Whether they’re sit-down-and-scribble-ers, always-covered-in-mud-ers, or can’t-sit-still-but-don’t-want-to-go-out-ers, we’ve got it covered.

Product: Paper chain kit. Includes 30 paper strips with 6 designs.

Make your own paper chains kit – £6 £3

Every child should learn the essential life skill that is paper chain making. There’s something very meditative about sliding slips through circles, one after the other. Snazzy-up a ceiling, beautify bannisters, or colourful-up dark corners, with these beautiful, patterned, loopyloops.

Product image: 12 Colouring Sheets for Grey Days

12 Colouring sheets for grey days – £8

We all have grey, grey, please-go-away days. Colouring can help us to slow down, cool down, calm down, and chill out until we can chat about why the day was quite so grey. What’s even better is that at the end of all that colouring in we have 12 b-e-a-utiful sheets to pop on our walls.

54 Ways To Connect With Nature Card Pack Product Image

54 ways to connect with nature – £9.95

Helping little’uns to create connections with nature is a gift for life. Some rambunctious youngsters love to run wild without a care in the world, while others think they’ll dissolve if it rains. With 54 different ideas, there’s a nature-connecting idea for everyone.

Self-care for desk-sitters

When living a ‘stuck-behind-a-desk’ existence, it can be hard to figure out how to fit self-care in. But we can! It can just take a little creativity…and some Blurtiful magic.

Product: 5 stickers. 'Not all thoughts are facts' cloud. 'Slow down' mug. 'You are enough' rainbow. 'Take a break' ribbon. 'Making time for me time' wavy box.

Self-kindness sticker pack – £4.95

Santa may have got stuck up the chimney, but many of us get stuck behind a screen. It’s often hard to remember to slot in self-kindness when under pressure. By sticking some self-kindness stickers on top our up-down-up-down laptop lid, we’re regularly reminded to sprinkle that self-kindness throughout our schedule.

Product Image: Hydration Tracker Double Sided Poster

Double-sided hydration tracker – £5.50

A well-intended self-care habit that slowly slides off our ‘to-do’ list, is drinking enough water. So many of us mean to do it, and yet 4pm rolls around and aside from a whole lot of caffeine, we remain very much un-watered. Use this hydration tracker to track it during the day, hopefully avoiding the 4pm feeling of ‘d’oh not again’.

Product image: the 2023 calendar of little comforts.

2023 Calendar of little comforts – 6.95

Our desk calendars are back by popular demand! It’s too easy to get sucked into screen-land when at our desk. When we stop working we often realise our eye sting and muscles ache. We need comfort. So that’s why our 2023 desk calendar is all about creating comfort with a new reminder each month.

Gifts all wrapped up and ready to go

Some of us love being little Christmas elves. But others cannot get the hang of this wrapping paper business and never remember the right postage dates. So, skip all of that hassle and let us do it for you.

Card: Dark green. Letter, envelope and pencil graphics. Letter says "Christmas is just another day that I'll be there for you". Letter is orange and has two hands linking pinky fingers at bottom.

Christmas Cards – £2.95 £1.50 each

Add a Christmas card to any order – we have a few designs to choose from. If you’d like us to write a message inside, then pop your message into the box when you checkout and we’ll send it straight there for you. We don’t include invoice slips in our packaging so the price will stay secret.

BuddyBox contents: The A-Z mindfulness book, calm balm, let's check in notepad, relax bath soak, mindful moods poster, zine.

BuddyBox Subscription – £21.50/month

Trying to figure out what to buy for people can be tricky, especially when our brain is a bit wonky. BuddyBox subscriptions are perfect because. We don’t have to worry about what to choose, whether it will fit, or when to post it – all of that is sorted.

BuddyBox: Build your own care package. Sloth, cup of tea, and words-down book in bottom right.

Build your own BuddyBox – £24.95

First, choose five full-sized products and add them to your BuddyBox. Then, choose a festive sleeve and card (which we’ll write for you!). Finally, our Christmas elves will slide on your chosen BuddyBox sleeve, and post it straight to the door of the lucky recipient. Just like magic!

Sending gifts direct

If you would like to send a parcel direct to the recipient, and want to include a written-in card, just add your chosen card to your basket and pop your message in the order notes when you checkout. Our shop superstars will write it in for you.

Our parcels don’t contain invoices so the price will remain a secret.

If you’d like to send parcels direct to more than one person, please make sure that they are in separate orders as we’re only able to send each order to one address.


Postage is a little trickier than normal this year.

Our last dispatch date before Christmas is Monday 16th December.

UK parcels: Royal Mail suggest sending second class items no later than Monday 19th December, and first class items no later than Wednesday 21st December.

International parcels: this varies according to destination.

Please be aware that Royal Mail are implementing industrial action over the festive period, so delivery might take longer than normal.

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