Non-Surgical Pump Technology Saves a 45-Year-Old Man at Hyderabad Hospital

Madhu had undergone a renal transplant in 2002. He was diagnosed to have a failing transplant and failing heart pumping in 2018 for which he underwent a coronary angiogram, which showed triple vessel disease with chronic total blockage of two vessels.

His repeated admissions in a hospital in the UAE for heart failure stabilization did not help and he could not plan for a second transplant due to severe heart failure. It was in this condition that he was presented at Medicover Hospitals.


After going through the entire clinical information, the team of doctors led by Dr A Sharath Reddy, Director-Interventional Cardiologist, and Dr Kamal Kiran, a Nephrologist decided to perform percutaneous intervention for his heart blood vessel blockages using hemodynamic support with a percutaneous Left ventricular assist device (Impella).

The team performed percutaneous intervention for more than 5 hours by placing a novel percutaneous LV assist device-Impella CP-prior to the procedure, which maintains the steady cardiac output of more than 3.4 L giving the interventionist enough time to meticulously work on his occluded blood vessels.

“Impella is the only US FDA-approved non-surgical heart pump technology. It is mainly indicated in patients with severe heart disease with other health conditions requiring high-risk PCI. It is the safest and most effective heart pump for critical individuals,” Sharath Reddy, Director-Interventional Cardiologist said in a statement.

“Impella guided PCI procedure ensures good blood flow to all organs including the heart enabling the operator to perform a procedure without any hassles while reducing the need for prolonged hospitalization and multiple procedures,” Reddy added.

Post-procedure the doctors observed him for one and half days in the hospital and then discharged with regular medication. Post-recovery Madhu is able to sleep without any interruption at night, the doctors said.

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