Mothers are Concerned About a Lack of Work-From-Home Possibilities

Even though full-time office employment is now viable for Indian firms thanks to universal vaccinations, it may no longer be possible to revert to pre-pandemic working practices. The majority of Indian moms (86 percent) indicated they would start or continue working in 2023, but nearly half (47 percent) said they would only do so if they could work from home or have flexible work hours.

Balancing a Profession and Parenting is Leading to Fatigue

Despite a rise in the number of women entering the workforce in India over the years, 32 percent of Indian mothers listed balancing family and work duties as the primary source of burnout. Other difficulties associated with becoming a mother included not getting enough sleep (19%) and not getting a break (12 percent).
Child care (42%) and one’s physical health (40%) were listed as the top stressors for Indian moms, while money management and handling day-to-day expenses were also an issue for 25% of the women polled.

New Mothers Anticipate Having More Time for Themselves in 2023

When their children progress from the newborn to toddler stage and gain maturity, new mothers have a little more time for other pursuits. According to 71% of respondents, new Indian mothers expect to have more time and energy in 2023 to take care of themselves. Almost 20% of parents foresee a promotion or raise that will enhance their family’s financial situation, which is another sign of optimism.

For Mothers, De-stressing is Staying at Home Rather Than Going out

According to the Mylo research, 76% of respondents reported not going out with their friends in the previous month, demonstrating that many new mothers’ social relationships revolve primarily around their families. When asked what people do in their spare time, the most popular activity was watching movies on sites like YouTube or OTT (as indicated by 51 percent of new mothers). Spending time outside with family was the second most preferred leisure activity (37%), whereas just roughly 15% of new mothers reported talking to their friends.

Mylo’s Head of Content and Community, Shaveta Gupta, stated, “Women have been juggling many responsibilities, such as managing the home, raising children, and working, with little assistance from the community or their employers. In India, new moms have emerged who are as educated and involved in the workforce as, if not more than, males. As a result, our businesses must design strategies for retaining and seamlessly reintegrating new mothers who return to work. Similarly, we must stress to families and society at large the need of recognizing and valorizing the work that goes into motherhood.”

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