GlaxoSmithKline’s Asthma Drug ‘Not Cost Effective’: Boston-Based Independent Organization

The organization has reported that the GSK’s new drug, Nucala for severe asthma should be as much as 76 percent lower to justify its value. The drug should be priced at $7,800 to about $12,000 a year than its current price of $32,500 a year.

GSK won the USFDA’s approval for Nucala last month which significantly reduces asthma attacks, symptoms and also decreases the need for oral steroids. The organization indicated that there is uncertainty about whether the benefits will persist over the long term because of the short duration of clinical trials.


ICER President Steven Pearson, said, “Our analyses aim to help the health care community determine what should be used, which patients benefit most, and at what price innovative treatments represent a reasonable value.”

GSK’s spokeswoman Sarah Spencer said, “We believe that Nucala is fairly priced, balancing innovation and market value with patient access.”

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