Fresh Water Algae Enhances Skin-Regenerative Wound Healing

A product of a freshwater single-celled green algae called Euglena gracilis may increase skin regeneration and speed up wound healing, according to new research published in Advanced Materials Interfaces.

Green Algae Good at Wound Healing

The researchers created a system based on microvesicles that sprout from the cell surface of Euglena gracilis and contain- glucan, a carbohydrate having immunoregulatory, regeneration, and antioxidant capabilities.

These microvesicles enhanced skin cell proliferation and migration in laboratory trials, enhancing collagen synthesis and the expression of proliferation-associated proteins. A wound healing test yielded good results as well.

Can Green Algae be Used for Skin Treatments

“This technique is expected to be applied to other cells, thereby enabling the design of new types of extracellular vesicles that are applicable for skin treatments and care in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,” the authors wrote.

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