Fans Stunned by Prince Harry’s Claim That He Was Born to be Prince William’s Organ Donor

Harry, who is two years younger than Prince William, detailed how the concepts of ‘heir’ and ‘spare’ had been instilled in him throughout his life. He stated that the concept of merely being in the world in case something bad happened to William was ‘abundantly evident’ to him from a young age and was ‘regularly reinforced’ throughout his life.

Prince Charles Reaction on the Day Prince Harry was Born

The father-of-two then related a story he heard when he was 20 years old about his father’s ‘supposed words’ to his mother, Princess Diana, on the day he was born. “Wonderful!,” King Charles III is believed to have exclaimed to his wife. “You’ve already provided me with an heir and a spare; I’ve done my job.”


In the book, Prince Harry defied royal convention by discussing his father’s neck and back issues. The Duke of Sussex wrote of his father’s health troubles, detailing how he fought ‘continuous neck and back pain,’ which he partly attributed to his father’s old polo injuries.

Harry also revealed numerous shocking facts about his brother William, such as how he ‘recoiled’ from Meghan’s hug at their uneasy first meeting.

Prince William’s First Meeting with Meghan

The moment the Duke of Sussex introduced his brother to his girlfriend was described as a ‘typical clash of civilizations’ by the Duke of Sussex.

The encounter took place in late 2016 at the Kensington Palace apartment of the Prince and Princess of Wales, shortly before Prince Harry and Prince William went on a shooting expedition. The duke revealed that he was more frightened for his girlfriend to meet William than anyone else during the short trip from Harry and Meghan’s house Nottingham Cottage to Apartment 1A.

Harry claims that when his brother answered the door, William was a little done up’ in smart trousers and a shirt. “I introduced Meg, who leaned in and gave him a hug, which freaked him out,” he added. “He shuddered.”

To put the embarrassing experience in context, Prince Harry stated his brother would never hug someone he didn’t know. Harry, on the other hand, claimed that this was simply Meghan’s manner of welcoming strangers.

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