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Does Plan B Work During Ovulation? All You Need to Know

Plan B is a morning pill that is usually taken after having unprotected sex. Doctors claim that Plan B one-step contains progesterone hormone that acts as a backup for birth control. If Ovulation has already started, Plan B One Step would not work. Besides, the pill may be of no use when a fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus. However, prominent healthcare experts believe that Plan B is controversial, yet it can not be ignored entirely. The process of preventing Ovulation has been a reason for debate for many. Let’s find the answer to this question: Does Plan B Work During Ovulation?.

What is Plan B One-Step?

Levonorgestrel morning pills, like Plan B One-Step, are used by women who are willing to prevent Pregnancy. It acts as an emergency contraceptive but should not be taken regularly for birth control. If you are already pregnant, this pill would not be helpful. Neither, Plan B One-Step can help protect sexually transmitted diseases.

However, the Plan B pill may not work appropriately for women who are obese. Talk to your doctor about the plan b dosage by weight and other restrictions. Please read the label properly before taking the medicine; caution is always better.

What happens after taking Plan B?

If you are bothered about Does Plan B works after one day of Ovulation, then be sure it does not. Besides, taking a morning pill would not affect your body negatively, but you may still become pregnant. It happens due to Plan B’s ability to delay Pregnancy. If you are already ovulating then an egg gets released from before. Furthermore, sperm that lives in the body for 6 days may reach it anytime.

Researchers have also speculated that emergency contraceptive pills such as Plan B may not be effective if taken on the day of Ovulation or sometimes later. Thus, it is essential to be alert regarding the use of contraception if not wanting to have a child.

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How does Plan B work?

Plan B was found to cut the pregnancy rate from about 1% to 70%. Yet, how long Plan B works may depend upon several factors, including how fast you are consuming the same after intercourse. It may also work positively if you are having low-weight or your cycle is late.

A copper intrauterine device can be the best option if Plan B does not work. However, this must be inserted by your healthcare provider, and make sure to use it within 5 days of having unprotected sex. You may also ask your doctor about any alternative birth control method that can perfectly suit you.

Will Plan B Work During Ovulation?

Plan B does not work during Ovulation. Especially the pills are designed to delay Ovulation, but if Ovulation has already started, then Plan B may fail considerably. Realizing whether you are ovulating or not is simply another tricky part.

Many people think that they should take emergency contraceptives, as their substances help to refrain from getting pregnant. However, you may try your luck with the copper intrauterine device, which can be highly effective in stopping Ovulation.

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Is Plan B safe?

Believe it that Plan B is highly safe. Reports say that women who took Plan B pills had no severe side effects. In addition, periods may come earlier or later; for some, it can be heavy, while others may complain of lighter periods.

So, it is just a minor side effect that does not need any medical intervention. Still, an individual must speak with their doctor if something wrong is happening with their body.

Are there any side effects of using Plan B?

Fortunately, Plan B is a well-tolerated drug, and people may have mild side effects at times. It may make you sick or vomit, which is fine.

Let us have a look at the Plan B side effects:

What else can you do during Ovulation to prevent Pregnancy?

Whether you are searching out ways to prevent Pregnancy throughout your cycle or are skeptical about using contraception, know that long-acting contraceptive methods are always advisable. Planning for a family is tough, and Ovulation should always be your personal choice.Certain things that can be done during Ovulation to prevent Pregnancy may include:

1. Pill

Birth Control Pills are marketed to terminate pregnancies. This contraceptive pill is loaded with hormones and is available in a pack. Women who want to stop the sperm from joining an egg may take it seriously. In addition, women who wish to prevent Pregnancy must take it every day. These pills are affordable, cost-friendly, and effective if taken as per the dosage. Doctors say that birth control pills also carry the potential to cure several health defects apart from enabling birth control.

2. Vaginal Ring

The vaginal Ring is made out of plastic which is generally inserted inside a woman’s vagina. It may continuously release estrogen and progestogen hormones into the bloodstream to block Pregnancy. Nevertheless, the device can show 99% efficiency if appropriately used. Besides, one vaginal Ring may provide contraception for a month, and therefore, you may continue having sex with it. Further to this, women may experience negligible side effects after using a vaginal ring which makes it more advantageous.

3. IUD

An experienced healthcare provider inserts the Intrauterine Device into the uterus. Almost 99% effectiveness is guaranteed from this contraceptive device. If inserted correctly, the IUD may prevent Pregnancy for 10 years or so. It is quite a method of birth control and must be used with a doctor’s approval. But if you are already pregnant, do not waste your time by going for an IUD. Further to this, women with STIs and cervical cancer are not recommended to use the same.

When you want to eliminate Ovulation after having sex without adequate contraception. A study says copper IUD is the safest emergency contraceptive. The device reduces the chance of being pregnant by almost 99%.


It is so difficult to guess when you are ovulating. Automatically, Plan B use can not be made at the correct time. Plan B is perfect in itself and does not result in unwanted complications. To avoid the need for emergency contraception, talk to your doctor regarding various birth control methods. After using Plan B, try to go for a pregnancy test to remain on the safe side. Pregnancy is a significant phase but not that great when it comes unintentionally.

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