Dendritic Cells for Neoantigen Cancer Vaccines

The benefits of a novel vaccine based on an allogeneic plasmacytoid DC cell line have been explored.

In recent years, immunotherapy has finally found its place in the anti-cancer therapeutic arsenal, even becoming standard of care as first line treatment for metastatic forms. However, too many patients remain refractory to these treatments due to weak baseline anti-cancer immunity.

Novel Cancer Vaccine

There is therefore a need to boost the frequency and function of patients’ cytotoxic CD8+ cellular effectors by targeting immunogenic and tumor-restricted antigens, such as neoantigens using an efficient vaccination platform.

Dendritic cells (DC) are the most powerful immune cell subset for triggering cellular immune response. However, autologous DC-based vaccines display several limitations, such as the lack of reproducibility and the limited number of cells that can be manufactured.

“NeoAgs appear attractive candidates to induce specific anti-tumor responses in cancer patients, on top of classical tumor-associated antigens and in association with ICIs. A potent dendritic cell product such as PDC*neo represents a valuable platform to develop NeoAg-based cancer vaccines. We strongly believe that this new delivery technology based on potent PDC*line cells can induce a robust anti-NeoAg CD8+ T-cell immune response for the benefit of patients and could reshape the landscape of NeoAg-based cancer vaccines.”

Source: Eurekalert

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