Demi Lovato’s Drug Overdose Takes Everyone by Surprise Here’s What Happened

The signs of this deadly habit were being seen at a concert just two days earlier when she had trouble remembering the lyrics to her song “Sober,” and she apparently walked off stage.

In “sober” song she had admitted to having relapsed after six years of sobriety.

The Lovato family is now going to help Demi Lovato back on track and are currently making plans to admit her into rehab immediately.


Demi Lovato was open about the constant struggle with her addiction, family, and depression when she gave an interview in 2016.

She said that every time she had to go through something painful she will look up in the sky and just go okay and then ask the strength to figure it out

She was scheduled to perform Thursday night in Atlantic City, but that concert has now been canceled.

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