Creative Books That Foster Inspiring Ideas Among College Students

says Rebekah Fitzsimmons, assistant teaching professor of professional communication at CMU’s Heinz College, who co-authored the chapter.

The book examines how writing instruction, scholarship, and program administration can bring STEM and the humanities together in creative and beneficial ways.


This exercise thereby allows the students to examine how representation in children’s books, combined with social class, race, and access, can limit society’s vision of who can succeed in STEM fields.

“In developing an artistic pathway for students to explore their budding areas of expertise while sharing their joy and passion for their work with others, this picture book project melds the elements of STEAM into a useful, rigorous, and fun project for first-year writing courses with benefits to the students and the community that last far beyond the college classroom,” says Tamara Pearson, then associate director of school and community engagement at the Center for Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing at Georgia Tech, who co-authored the chapter and organized the readings to young students.

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