Contraceptive Pills To Go Over-the-Counter Sale in Japan

The pills, NorLevo, and the generic version levonorgestrel work best within 72 hours after unprotected sex and have an efficacy rate of 80 percent, according to the ministry. Before the trial, women in Japan, including victims of sexual assault, had to go to a clinic or hospital for a prescription to obtain an emergency contraceptive.

Selling the drug without a prescription was discussed by a ministry panel in 2017, but the ministry stopped short of giving the green light, with critics saying it would make people less likely to practice safe sex, the report said.


The drug stores selected for the study must meet certain conditions, such as having trained pharmacists able to provide pills at night, on weekends, and on holidays, as well as a private consultation room, Xinhua news agency reported. Purchasers will be asked to answer questionnaires, which will be used in the study.

Medical professionals have called for better access to the drug within Japan, as it could provide rape victims with vital protection after a traumatic incident while also potentially reducing the need for abortions which are considered more physically and emotionally damaging, the Kyodo report said.

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