Call To Encourage Nursing Training At Schools

Healthcare experts, on International Nurses Day, have called for encouraging nursing training at schools to create a ‘healthy India’

“Healing is a matter of time for the patient, but it is an opportunity to serve the needy for those working at a healthcare facility. The doctors and the nursing staff offer selfless service to ensure patients go back to their normal lives and are reunited to their families. Many patients do not even remember the names of nurses who served them in distress; but for these nurses every patient is same and want each one of them to return to their loved ones to lead a healthy life,” said Soma Raju, Executive Director SLG Hospitals.


“India needs more nurses. India needs more nursing knowledge. And India needs to take a different approach to cater to the changing times and growing demands. I think, India needs to bring ‘nursing’ or basic healthcare into education curriculum at high school level. This will not just ensure enhanced awareness among the people at large but will also help create an empathetic environment towards the healthcare machinery in India,” said Dr. Mervin Leo, Cluster COO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals.

Dr. Riyaz Khan, CEO, Continental Hospitals believes that nursing education at schools will help create healthier India. The boys and girls, who gain basic understanding about health and well being will ensure healthy surroundings. “This move will not just impart basic understanding about nursing practice; but will reiterate the importance of healthy living which will help create healthy India in the medium to long term and reduce unnecessary burden on the Indian health system.”

“In performing their duties, nurses often face difficult circumstances. Still, it is the motto to serve the needy that keeps these women (some men too) going day after day, night after night. Nursing is a demanding profession; and Indian healthcare system needs more nurses to cater to the growing needs in the years ahead.

“Covid-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for Indian healthcare to relook at the existing systems and be prepared for future needs,” concluded Abhinandan Dastenavar, Center Head, Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur.

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