Braille Navigation Maps Installed at Chennai

This will help the visually impaired traverse on their own. The Braille Maps were installed on Monday.

Visually Impaired-friendly Maps at Chennai Railway Stations

The map is fixed at the entrance of the two railway stations and is 3X3 feet in size. It will help guide the visually impaired passengers to navigate across the station to assess ticket counters, differently-abled people’s toilets, concourse areas, water taps, waiting rooms, cloakrooms, foot over bridge, and entry and exit points of platforms.


Southern Railway said in a statement that QR codes are provided on the Braille boards/signages and can be scanned with smartphones which will activate audio messages. These audio messages will guide the passengers to the destinations where they intend to go.

Dr. Ramani P. Mathai, who works with the visually impaired, while speaking to IANS said, “The installation of Braille boards in Chennai and Egmore railways stations is a welcome step by the Railways. The visually impaired will now be able to navigate through the station to reach the platforms where they are headed as well as get directions to reach toilets or to places they intend to travel within the station. A great initiative by the Southern Railway.”

Source: IANS

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