Woman Got Mercury Poisoning from Her Skin Whitening Cream

Skin-whitening or skin-bleaching is a way to lighten the skin tone with the help of chemical substances. Several people opt for cosmetics that claim to provide such results, while some people also take treatments for skin lightening.

One such woman encountered a complete nightmare, owing to her skin-whitening cream. The 47-year-old woman, who has been using a skin-whitening cream for around seven years, suffered from mercury poisoning and neurological damage, which is irreversible due to the cream.

The woman went to the ER complaining about slurred speech, numbness in her hands and face, and difficulty walking. Her symptoms grew over time, ultimately leading her to enter a semi-comatose state.

When blood tests were done, the doctors found that she had high levels of mercury in her blood compared to an average person.

Her symptoms were due to mercury poisoning from an anti-wrinkle face cream that she had apparently been using for seven years.


Mercury was banned or used very strictly in cosmetic products. However, multiple companies around the world continue to use mercury in their skincare creams.

In this distinct case, the mercury used in the cream was organic mercury, contrary to the popular use of inorganic mercury by most companies. Organic mercury is even more lethal and can lead to neurological problems.

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