To Curb Bird Flu, Nigerian State Culls 9,000 Birds

In Nigeria’s Kano State, a total of 9,000 birds have been culled as authorities move to curb the spread of bird flu which resurfaced two weeks ago in the state.

Shehu Bawa, an official at the state’s ministry of agriculture and natural resources, said on Thursday the disease was detected in two local farms in the northern state, Xinhua reported.

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an influenza that spreads among birds and can affect humans. Bawa told Xinhua the birds were killed as part of the measures being taken by state authorities to contain the resurface of bird flu in the state.

According to the official, 500 birds were killed in one farm, while 8,500 were killed in the other. The virus was first detected on a local poultry in the state on December 15. Authorities said they were earlier prompted to kill all the birds there to prevent an outbreak.


Bawa said government would continue to take proactive measures to ensure the influenza did not spread to other farms. He said local poultry farmers have been urged to report any sign of the virus on their farms to the authorities.

Early this year, at least 80,000 birds were killed in 45 farms following an outbreak of avian influenza in the state.

Source: IANS

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