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To lose weight, the formula is simple: you must eat fewer calories a day than we expend, or do cardio and weight exercise plus a specific diet to burn them. If you choose the first, the most likely thing is that in addition to fat, you will lose muscle and become sagging. If you chose the second, you are on the right track.

All the activities that we carry out during the day such as breathing, sleeping, moving or others, require a specific amount of calories, according to our gender, weight, height, body composition and our age. If we add to that other types of physical activities that we do (if we have them), we will have the total daily energy expenditure.

Now, as the purpose is to lose weight, or ideally fat, it is advisable to reduce total energy expenditure in a controlled manner. Although each case is different, the general rule is almost always 500 kcal less per day at least, (although we reiterate it depends on each case). With this moderate restriction, we will avoid fat loss and maintenance of muscle mass.

But what happens when we do more extreme diets? When we submit to very restrictive regimens, our body goes into a state of alert, generating protein catabolism, that is, the degradation or loss of muscle. This occurs because the body needs the energy to carry out daily activities. As the body obtains energy to function from the carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and proteins that we consume, we must be clear that we cannot leave any of these food groups (always in moderate portions), or the body will begin to use our reserves and muscles to work.

So that this does not happen, we must carry out an adequate eating plan, where fat is used as the main energy substrate, and consuming the corresponding amounts of macronutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. In addition to following the following recommendations:

Consume Quality Protein

Prefer eggs (or their whites), low-fat meats like; chicken, turkey, fish, or plain tenderloin. Low-fat dairy such as cheese, low-fat yogurt, and skim milk. Legumes accompanied by cereals, such as lentils with rice (preferably whole), beans with noodles (also ideally whole), chickpeas, etc. Legumes with cereals are an excellent nutritional supplement and are as good as the protein of animal origin. In this last point, you should know that you do not necessarily have to consume them together on the same plate, but that you can eat them separately during the same day and obtain the same effect. You can easily get quality proteins using discount coupons.

Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and their portions.

Ideally, you should prefer those with a low glycemic index to maintain satiety and stable glucose (the main source of energy), such as whole grain pasta and rice or potatoes. In any case, do not exceed one cup per serving (depending on each patient). Now, there are times when you can use those with a high glycemic index (such as normal rice or pasta), for example, when you need immediate energy to do some physical activity.

Eat healthy fats

Prefer raw and quality lipids, such as olive oil, avocado, or nuts. Of course, we must not abuse its consumption. If we want to lose weight, these should be served in restricted portions according to the objective that each person has.

Doing Physical Activity

This point is not optional. Doing some sport or physical activity at least three times a week is practically an obligation if you want to lose weight without losing muscle. Sport preserves muscle mass and promotes the oxidation of lipids or fats. The more intense and regular the exercise on a treadmill, the greater the loss of fat. It is vital that the exercises we do combine cardiovascular (such as jogging, elliptical, Zumba, or others) along with weight. The latter is particularly important for stimulating the muscle and helping it grow. Among the recommended exercises can be weight lifting, interval exercises, such as functional training or CrossFit, among others.


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