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Synaffix and Amgen sign agreement for ADCs development

Dutch biotechnology company Synaffix and Amgen have entered a licensing agreement for the development of next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Under the agreement, Synaffix will provide Amgen access to its HydraSpace,  select toxSYN linker-payloads and GlycoConnect ADC technology platforms for a single ADC programme.

For four future programmes, Amgen will also have an option for exercising exclusive licenses for research and commercialisation.

Synaffix will receive payments of up to $2bn covering the signature, nomination for the programme and milestone payments.

Additionally, the company will be eligible to receive tiered royalties on commercial sales of the products.

Amgen will undertake the research and development along with the production and commercialisation of the ADCs, while Synaffix will manufacture the components related to its proprietary technologies.

Synaffix CEO Peter van de Sande said: “Synaffix is pleased to partner with Amgen, a world-leading biotechnology company, to enable novel ADC product development that will aid in the transformation of cancer treatment.

“Synaffix is extremely proud to contribute its ADC technology and manufacturing expertise to Amgen’s renowned drug development capabilities.”

This is Synaffix’s 12th licensing agreement to date.

The company’s clinical stage compact technology HydraSpace has been designed to further enhance the therapeutic index, mainly with hydrophobic payloads.

GlycoConnect exploits the native antibody glycan for site-specific payload attachment. It is tunable to DAR1, DAR2 or DAR4 formats.

The linker-payload platform, toxSYN, covers the critically validated mode of actions (MOAs) for developing ADC products.

Synaffix stated that together these technologies provide an easy-to-use and one-stop ADC technology platform to developers.

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