Study Says Limit Screen Time for Kids to 2 hrs a Day

During early childhood the screen time should be reduced to less than two hours per day, revealed a new study.

The study was published by Sage in the international journal, Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society and conducted by Madhvi Tripathi, the research scholar who has done Ph.D. under assistant professor Shailendra Kumar Mishra.

Screen Time and Children

It underscores the importance of parental monitoring and devising a policy to regulate the ownership of digital devices.

“Given that Prayagraj holds the largest population in the state (Census 2011), a cross-sectional study was conducted on 400 children using the two-stage random sampling method. In the first stage, 10 municipal wards were randomly selected in the Prayagraj city. Each of these wards have a total population between 11,000 and 22,000. In the second stage, children were selected in proportion to their population from each selected ward to achieve a sample size,-” said Tripathi.

The findings revealed that an overwhelming majority of households have television followed by digital cameras, laptops, tablets, kindle and video games.

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