Restoring Sexual Function After Prostate Surgery

“Our randomized trial suggests penile traction therapy using a new type of device provides an effective new option for penile rehabilitation after prostatectomy,” comments senior author Landon Trost, MD, of Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic in Orem, Utah.

The new device (marketed under the brand name RestoreX) works by applying gentle, dynamic pressure to stretch and shape the penis is used in treating Peyronie’s disease produce significant straightening and increased penile length with 30 minutes of daily use.

So they used this device in 82 men (average age 59 years) who had undergone prostatectomy including control group for six months to know their role in improving penile form and function after prostate cancer surgery.

The results of the trial show improved erectile function and higher score sexual satisfaction in PTT group and significant decline of erectile function in the control group. Discomfort and other side effects were mild and generally temporary in the PTT group.

Findings of this trail need to be validated in further studies to make this device as the first treatment with high-quality research data improving penile length and erectile function in men who have undergone prostatectomy, without medications or other on-demand therapies.

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