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PrecisionLife and Ono Pharmaceutical enter into new R&D link up

R&D partnership will identify and develop novel therapeutic targets for future therapies

PrecisionLife – a techbio company generating insights into disease biology – has entered a partnership with Ono Pharmaceuticals, which focuses on R&D.

The R&D collaboration will use PrecisionLife’s analytics-generated insights to identify novel therapeutic targets as well as patient stratification biomarkers in central nervous system (CNS) conditions, which will then be developed by Ono.

PrecisionLife has already used unique biomarkers to select appropriate patients for clinical trials, retrospectively analyse clinical trials, generate clinical risk scores and identify indication extension opportunities.

In addition, PrecisionLife will apply its analytics platform to patient datasets in order to discover multiple therapeutic targets for development by Ono. The company will also use its drug discovery expertise to provide Ono with a rationale for the selection of targets using mechanistic hypotheses, genetic validation and patient stratification biomarkers to optimise the progress of assets.

Meanwhile, Ono will select targets from PrecisionLife’s recommendations and acquire the global rights to commercialise a pharma product acting on the specified target.

Toichi Takino, senior executive officer at Ono, reflected: “We appreciate PrecisionLife’s unique combinatorial analytics platform for discovering new therapies that meet specific medical needs in complex central nervous system diseases. We expect to increase the efficiency of finding new drug candidates that bring much needed new therapeutic options to patients through this new collaboration.”

Dr Steve Gardner, chief executive officer of PrecisionLife, concluded: “We are excited to work with Ono on this precision neuroscience collaboration as it brings together our novel insights into complex disease biology with Ono’s extensive drug development expertise.

“We expect this to bring forward effective new treatment options addressing the currently unmet medical needs of key patient subgroups in some of the most challenging common CNS diseases.”

PrecisionLife has now analysed over 40 disease indications while maintaining a portfolio of patented discoveries in its DiseaseBank repository.

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