PM Urged Young Scientists to Innovate, Patent, Produce & Prosper

Expressing happiness for participating in the 5-day mega event at the beginning of the New Year, Modi said it was heartening that the science congress was happening in Bengaluru, a city linked with science and innovation.

“When we start the year 2020 with positivity and optimism of science and technology-driven development, we take one more step in fulfilling our dream. I am also happy my first program in the new year and a new decade is linked to science, technology, and innovation,” he pointed out


Addressing about 12,000 delegates, including Union and Karnataka ministers, top scientists, Nobel Laureates, researchers, academicians, students, and other stakeholders, Modi said India’s ranking in the global Innovation Index improved to 52 as the programs created more technology business incubators in the last 50 years.

Exhorting the scientists to replicate India’s success in space exploration in the new frontier deep seawater, Modi said all the stakeholders should explore, map and harness natural resources like water, energy, food, and minerals.

“We know from science that the potential energy, the silent form of energy, can move mountains by its conversion to the kinetic energy of motion.

“Can we build a Science in Motion,” the Prime minister told the delegates.

Admitting that developments in ICT (information and community technologies) had provided cheaper smartphones and data for the benefit of their users, Modi said a common man could believe that he was no longer separate from the government.

“Technology also helped the government in providing cooking gas to 8-crore women and saving them from the health hazards of using coal or wood,” he noted.

Referring to the theme of the 5-day mega event – “Science and Technology: Rural Development,” the Prime Minister, the government’s welfare programs reached the needy due to the intervention of science and technology.

“Our government was able to release Rs 12,000 crore minimum income support to 6 crore farmers across the country by crediting the amount (Rs 2,000) to each farmer family to their bank accounts directly using technology,” he added.

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