Nurses Should Know Full Medical and Social Conditions of Patients, Says Healthcare Expert

‘Nurses play an important role in
providing effective healthcare to patients. They should understand the medical
and social conditions of every patient fully and show utmost compassion in
dealing with people under their care,’ said Dr.Mary Sulakshini Immanuel, Former
Dean, College of Nursing, Christian Medical College, Vellore, at the ‘lamp
lighting’ and graduation ceremony at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, South
India today.

Incoming nursing students and nurses who
graduated from SRU this year, participated in the lamp lighting ceremony which symbolizes
the courageous spirit of banishing darkness as displayed by the lady
with the lamp, Florence Nightingale, whose compassionate service is a model for
.  Appreciating the
progress of the faculty of nursing in this medical institution over the last 20
years and several of its faculty members earning doctoral degrees, Dr. Immanuel
said the country needs good mentors as teachers to bring out the best of
nursing community in the coming years.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice
Chancellor Dr.JSN Murthy said every patient expects good healthcare at an
affordable cost and nurses can play a major role in ensuring this by working as
a bridge between doctors and patients. 
The VC said he was encouraged to see more boys joining the nursing
course this year which traditionally is the domain of girls.

Over 400 incoming and outgoing nursing
students studying diploma, B.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic), and M.Sc.
Nursing participated in the lamp lighting and pledge taking ceremony combining
the commencement of studies and graduation of nurses.


Source: Medindia

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