Next Generation Needs to Be Educated on Food Choices

“Balanced nutrition is an integral part of health,” she said.

The minister also emphasised that citizens are stakeholder for food safety along with the government and the industry. She lauded the action taken by the organisation along with industry partners to take the country forward in food safety.


She said that with the onset of globalization and consumerism, there should be more awareness regarding the ingredients of the food we are consuming.

“Mothers and grandmothers played a key role in the food choices and nutrition of our earlier generation. There is now a pressing need to educate the next generation on food choices,” she said.

Pawar also flagged off Food Safety Awareness vehicles and unveiled a book on the History of Food and another cookbook on curated recipes that uses minimal salts. The ‘National Low Salt Cooking Challenge Report’ was also released.

The Minister also inspected the technical capabilities of Mobile Food Testing Vans called “Food Safety on Wheels”. These vans are equipped with State-of-the-Art equipment to detect adulteration in submitted food items.

She also released various innovative books and initiatives by FSSAI including the book ‘History and Food’ that traces history of commonly cooked and consumed foods in India.

The cookbook ‘Eat Right with Low Salt’ with curated recipes that use minimal salt was also unveiled by her along with the ‘National Low Salt Cooking Challenge Report.’

Source: IANS

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