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MQ ambassador Leigh Timmis attempts record for greatest distance cycled in 7 days

On the 6th of November, MQ ambassador Leigh Timmis, cyclist and Guinness World Record holder, began this attempt to break the record for the greatest distance cycled in seven days. The current record stands at 2180 miles, previously set in 1939 by the legendary long-distance cyclist Tommy Godwin.

In addition to attempting to break the record, Leigh is also using it as an opportunity to raise money and awareness for MQ. With each purchase of a 7 Days of Smiles cycle jersey, a portion of the profits will go to MQ.

You can track Leigh’s progress on his website, where you can see how close he is to achieving his goal.

“At 25, I believed I’d fulfilled society’s expectations and had all the ingredients for ‘success’. However, it didn’t work for me. Overworked, lonely and sabotaging my own life, I was diagnosed with depression. One question I was asked during counselling will always stand out in my memory, “What colour do you see when you look to the future?” “I don’t see anything,” I replied from the leather chair in the sterile consultant’s office, “Just black. Emptiness.

“The more I experienced the world, the more I discovered what I wanted to do with my life. The emptiness that represented my future in the counsellor’s chair became a rainbow of colours and opportunities on the saddle of the bike.

“My motivations for attempting the Guinness world record for the Greatest Distance Cycled in Seven Days remain the same as for cycling around the world. It’s a continuation of my journey of self-discovery.

“Attempting this record not only presents an opportunity for me to continue my personal development but to raise awareness of mental health in the hope that others won’t end up in the same situation as I did.”

You can support Leigh’s record attempt by buying a jersey here.

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