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Mentions of blockchain increased in the pharmaceutical industry in Q1 2023

Notably, blockchain was one of the most frequently referenced themes in Q1 2023, ranking highest in terms of mentions, ahead of energy transition and precision and personalized medicine, according to GlobalData.

Of the top leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry, Bayer had the greatest increase in references for blockchain in Q1 2023, compared with the previous quarter. GlobalData identified 1 blockchain-related sentences in the company’s filings – 0% of all sentences – and an increase of 100% in Q1 2023 compared with Q1 2022. UCB’s mentions of blockchain rose by 100% to 1.

GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics also applies sentiment weight to reference sentences, based on whether the sentences are positive, negative, or neutral. Starting at 100 in 2020, an index over 100 is more positive. The overall index for blockchain in Q1 2023 was 74.

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