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M2GEN partners with Zephyr AI to identify treatments for cancer patients

Oncology-focused bioinformatics firm M2GEN has entered a multi-year strategic collaboration with Zephyr AI to identify treatments and cures for cancer patients.

The collaboration will expedite the discovery of drugs and expand the use of investigations for cancer treatments.

It will use the machine learning platform from Zephyr AI and a real-world data set (RWD) from M2GEN for creating an oncology discovery product.

Under the multiyear deal, Zephyr AI will license M2Gen’s RWD and will, in return, provide M2Gen will AI and machine learning technologies to enhance its products and services.

M2GEN and Zephyr AI will together discover new cancer treatments and expanded use cases for better identifying new targets and enhancing clinical trial design.

Zephyr AI co-founder and executive chairman Grant Verstandig said: “The pairing of M2GEN’s extensive data set with Zephyr’s powerful analytical and bioinformatics capabilities allows us an extraordinary opportunity to change this narrative by enabling us to discover new uses for existing drugs and drug combinations; unearth novel drug targets; and inform the design of new medications.

“This partnership not only holds the potential to chart a new era of drug discovery and precision medicine but to save innumerable lives.”

The company is curating a comprehensive healthcare dataset and combining it with artificial intelligence algorithms for generating new insights to build tools and products for patients and providers.

M2GEN CEO Jim Gabriele said: “Collaboration is core to everything we do at M2GEN, and this opportunity symbolises the power of working in concert to accelerate the development of cancer treatments and cures.

“By joining forces with Zephyr AI, we will continue to transform cancer discovery, expedite research, and bring the right treatments to market sooner for countless patients with cancer.”

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