Kamala Harris Rallies Against Restrictions

That decision shifted one of the nation’s most divisive debates back to the states. At least 13 states have since banned abortion outright, while others have restricted access to the procedure.

The court’s ruling has meant that doctors can now go to jail in some states for performing an abortion and that women have been denied access to critical health care.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris Urges to Protect Abortion Rights

Harris delivered the speech in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, where the state legislature passed a law banning abortion after 15 weeks. The state Supreme Court is reviewing a legal challenge to the law. Florida Senate President would support a 12-week abortion ban, while abortion activists are pushing for other restrictions.


Harris questioned Congress’s decision to pass legislation that would not let women take decisions about their bodies. This also raises another question if the doctor cannot care for the patients. Harris also announced that President Joe Biden will sign a memorandum aimed at helping people get abortions via medication, rather than surgical procedure.

The memorandum directs members of his cabinet and administration to identify barriers to access to prescription abortion medication and recommend ways to ensure that doctors can legally prescribe the medication and that pharmacies can dispense them. The memorandum will also explore ways to see that women can access abortion medication from a pharmacy.

Kamala Harris: U.S. Administration’s Leading Voice on Promoting Abortion Rights

Biden, who has taken steps to protect abortion rights after last summer’s decision, proclaimed on Friday commemorating Roe v. Wade. A federal law has almost no chance of passage in Congress, where Republicans control the House and not every Democrat is on board with unlimited access to abortion (2 Trusted Source
On 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Kamala Harris urges federal abortion protections

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Harris has been leading the administration’s charge against new abortion restrictions. The nation’s first female vice president, who previously served as California’s attorney general, is a supporter of reproductive rights and has close relationships with liberal women’s groups.

In recent months, she has hosted leaders from 38 states for events that focused on attacks on reproductive freedom and convened nearly 200 state legislators from 18 states to discuss the fight at the state level.


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