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Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies are gluten-free, delicious, and simple to make with calcium-rich tahini.

This is the chocolate brownie recipe you need for those times when you want something super sweet yet a little savory. Tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds, is rich in calcium, healthy fats, and plant-based protein. Along with being a nutrient-dense option to add to a brownie recipe, it’s a bit earthy creating a savory-sweet combination.

Using the Foundational Five to Create These Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies

In case you’re new to the NS Community and the Mindful Nutrition Method, the Foundational Five system is part of how we teach you to build balanced meals. It makes it easy for you to give your body the nourishment you need while having the flexibility to enjoy the foods you love without stressing about food.

The Foundational Five is made up of five elements of nutrition including Protein, Fat, Non-starchy Carbohydrates, Starchy & Sugary Carbohydrates, and the Flavor Factor (which brings vibrancy, deliciousness, and enjoyment to your meals). 

You can download our free guide that walks you through our Foundational Five system for creating balanced meals that you can use to meal prep or cook fresh this week!

Tahini Nutrition Benefits 

Packed with Unsaturated Fats 

Unsaturated fats help contribute to satiety, satisfaction, and fullness in your meals. Plus, they’re heart-healthy in that they help promote balanced cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well!

Powerful Antioxidant

Tahini is filled with antioxidants that help fight free radicals that can cause disease over time. Plus, they’re anti-inflammatory, making them an even stronger disease fighter as well. 

Ingredients Needed To Make These Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies

  • coconut flakes
  • bittersweet chocolate morsels
  • unsweetened cocoa powder
  • cornstarch
  • tahini
  • coconut oil
  • coconut sugar
  • eggs
  • maple syrup
  • kosher salt
  • vanilla extract

How To Make These Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies

After preheating your oven, you’ll whisk together cornstarch and cocoa powder in a medium-sized bowl. Then in a separate bowl, whisk together chocolate morsels, tahini, and coconut oil over low heat. Next, in a blender, you’ll beat the eggs, coconut sugar, maple syrup, kosher salt, and vanilla extract.

You’ll then slowly add in the chocolate tahini mixture, followed by the cocoa powder and cornstarch mixture. Finally, pour the mixture into a greased baking dish and sprinkle with coconut flakes before baking!

Tips For Making These Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies

There are a couple of tips you should keep in mind that will help you out a bit when baking these brownies. 

Don’t forget to grease your pan

Albeit simple, this is most definitely an important step. Coconut oil or butter will work great! 

Allow the brownies to completely cool before cutting and serving

In order for the brownies to be served at their best and fully intact, it’s important to let them fully cool prior to cutting. Cutting them too early will mean crumbly, less-than-ideal brownies. 

FAQ About These Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies

What if I don’t like tahini?

Don’t sweat it! You can always use any nut butter of your choice. Try out peanut butter or cashew butter instead! 

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