Exercising Harder Won’t Make You Live Longer

Contrary to numerous previous studies, this groundbreaking study, which is yet to undergo peer review but has earned a prestigious national sports medicine prize in Finland, suggests that excessive physical activity might actually accelerate the aging process (


Conducted by researchers from the University of Jyvaskyla, the comprehensive study spanned a staggering 45 years and involved over 11,000 Finnish same-sex twins.

By examining self-reported data on daily physical activity duration and intensity, the study aimed to dissect the intricate relationship between exercise and longevity.


The findings challenge the notion that exercise is the primary determinant of a longer life. The research posits that physical activity plays a modest role in the broader spectrum and, in certain instances, might have adverse health effects.

The old adage “Everything in moderation” gains new relevance as the study reveals that both insufficient and excessive exercise contributes to accelerated biological aging.

Moderation Matters: Everything in Balance

While individuals with minimal exercise routines showed a 20 percent higher likelihood of mortality over 45 years, adjusting for lifestyle factors such as education, BMI, smoking, and alcohol consumption significantly mitigated this risk.

In the adjusted analysis, the sedentary group was only seven percent more likely to face mortality compared to the active group, suggesting that moderation in exercise yields optimal benefits.

Age Acceleration and Exercise Intensity: Surprising Insights

Strikingly, the study indicates that individuals with the highest level of physical activity appeared to age approximately 1.8 years faster than their moderately active counterparts. This prompts a reevaluation of the presumed correlation between vigorous exercise and longevity.

Contrary to the belief that longevity is solely attributed to exercise, the researchers conclude that individuals who exercise might owe their extended lifespans not to their workouts but to the overall healthier lifestyles they tend to lead.

As the study challenges established norms, it urges a more nuanced understanding of the intricate relationship between exercise, aging, and longevity.

Precautionary Note: While the specific duration of physical activity for each group remains undisclosed, the World Health Organization recommends adults engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity for at least 150-300 minutes per week or vigorous-intensity aerobic activity for 75-150 minutes per week.

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