Dr. Limor Goren on the anticancer effects of olive oil and oleocanthal

Dr. Limor Goren PhD is a cancer researcher with a PhD in Molecular Biology. Her research centers on one of the most important anti-inflammatory and anticancer molecules found in medicinal olive oil, oleocanthal. Dr. Goren discovered one of the mechanisms by which oleocanthal is toxic to cancer cells and showed that olive oils that are rich in oleocanthal can effectively kill various types of cancer cells.

But not all olive oil is created equal. It’s estimated that 80% of Italian olive oil is fake, diluted or mislabeled. When it comes to real extra virgin olive oil, the variety of olive, the method of harvesting and processing, as well as the age of the oil when you consume it all affect the polyphenol levels. The freshest, most potent medicinal olive oils can have as much as eight times more polyphenols, over 1,000 mg/kg vs. 150 mg/kg in a typical olive oil.

In this fascinating interview Dr. Goren and I take a deep dive into olive oil! Enjoy!

-The significance of the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway [2:07]

-Amazing discoveries of the oleocanthal molecule [6:40]

-Killing cancer cells with oleocanthal [11:20]

-Oleocanthal prohibited the proliferation of metastatic prostate cancer [18:45]

-Does cooking with olive oil reduce oleocanthal? [21:30]

-Does olive oil degrade over time? [22:57]

-Other beneficial molecules in olive oil [25:05]

-Do olives contain oleocanthal? [29:15]?

-The olive oil production process [29:26]

-Dr. Goren’s new endeavors [37:13]

-The importance of investing in high-quality food [43:45]

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