Digital Boost to the Science and Technology Heritage of India

THe NCSM, under the Ministry of Culture, said in a statement it has contributed six interactive stories that share some key insights into the long and glorious science and technology heritage of India.

“Modern technology has opened avenues for global audiences. Museums are no more limited to the boundaries of four walls. Our collaboration starts with India’s science and technology heritage exhibition, an area lesser-known to the world,” NCSMA Director General A.D. Choudhury said.


At the click of a button, one can be enriched with the knowledge of the ‘Indus Valley Civilization’, ‘Ayurveda: Indian Contributions to Medicine’, ‘Susruta Samhita: Ancient Indian Surgical Knowledge’, ‘Rasashala: Ancient Indian Alchemical Lab’, ‘Itr: Ancient Indian Knowledge of Perfumery’ and ‘Musical Instruments from the Indian Subcontinent’.

Also, museum views of the National Science Centre, Delhi, and the Science City, Kolkata, both units of NCSM, are available for national and global audiences to virtually walk through.

“We invite everyone to participate in the first phase of an online collection that celebrates innovation and science. Through inspiring, and at times surprising, stories from over 100 partners, you can explore the inventions and discoveries that have shaped our world,” said Amit Sood, director of Google Arts & Culture.

Sood said the exhibition is “all about that first attempt, the idea, the journey of fulfilling a dream, and we hope it’ll give people that extra boost to find their very own eureka moment”.

Users can explore ‘Once Upon a Try’ on Google Arts & Culture ( or using the app on iOS or Android.

Source: IANS

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