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Create, approve, deploy: supercharging communications with modular content

Each year, pharma and life sciences invest large amounts of time and money in creating content designed to attract HCPs and call them to action. However, it’s no secret that the landscape of healthcare communications has undergone a substantial transformation in recent years.

The accelerated adoption of digital channels – combined with the ongoing disruption caused by COVID-19 – has changed the way that customers seek out and engage with content.

“We have changed as consumers,” explains Viseven CEO Nataliya Andreychuk. “Our attention span has changed, and so we are consuming information differently. Instead of spending a lot of time reading articles and sticking to one source of information, we now spend less than one minute looking for an article and searching through several channels, all from the one device.”

Modern marketing requires a much more agile approach than the industry is used to. We have come to expect seamless, dynamic, and personalised engagement experiences across a variety of channels, and healthcare providers are no exception. Targeting audiences across numerous channels requires marketing teams to create large volumes of content, as well as a unique personal content experience for every target audience. As such, demand for greater volumes of personalised digital content has skyrocketed.

For an industry such as pharma, which must adhere to strict legal and regulatory procedures, creating an agile communications strategy can be a complex challenge. This, Andreychuk says, is where modular content can provide a highly effective solution to help teams address some of the biggest content marketing barriers: resource limitations, speed to market, and consistency.


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