Books I Read & Loved in 2022

Need a good book for yourself or to give as a gift? Here are 13 books I read and loved this year.

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One of my absolute favorite places to be: in my bed, under the covers, lost in a good book.

If you can relate, and need recommendations for your next read, I’ve got 13 that I couldn’t put down this year. Hope you find your next favorite book here!

My past book lists

Why I’m a Kindle convert

I read all of these books my Kindle, which I now consider a life essential after being a hardcover-library-book girl for years.

I love that it’s like a reading light and library in one–which means I can stay up reading in bed long after my husband goes to sleep. I can take multiple books on plane trips without cramming them into my carry-on. And I can still use my local library to borrow e-books.

So if you’re looking for a gift to give (or get), I highly recommend it! You can find the Kindle and cover I have, along with some other gift ideas, in my Amazon Shop.

Books I Loved in 2022

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