Australia Proposes Cosmetic Surgery Guidelines to Protect Consumers Against Health Risks

The Medical Board of Australia has proposed draft guidelines for cosmetic medical and surgical procedures carried out extensively in the country.

Australians are doing more than one billion cosmetic surgeries every year. Cosmetic surgeries have its own drawbacks and health risks. Carrying out frequent image changes can have an adverse effect on the health.

Therefore, to protect consumers against risks of cosmetic procedures offered by registered medical practitioners in the country, the board has proposed certain guidelines and has also launched a consultation seeking feedback from the public.

“In lots of ways cosmetic procedures are different from other medical procedures. We are looking for the best way to manage risk to patients without limiting or making judgments about consumer choices,” said Board Chair, Dr Joanna Flynn AM.


Some of the proposed guidelines include,

  • Children under 18 years must have a three-month cooling off period before procedures along with mandatory assessment by a registered psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Adults must have a seven-day cooling off period before procedures
  • The treating practitioner should only give the post-operative care including emergency facilities when sedation or analgesia is involved
  • Doctors must give a face-to-face consultations before prescribing over-the-counter cosmetic injectables
  • Patients must be informed about the risks and possible complications
  • Doctors must give detailed written information about costs of surgery
  • Limiting cosmetic surgeries that impose high health risks and complications to patients

The guidelines will take effect on October 1, 2016 and will apply to all cosmetic surgery practitioners and plastic surgeons offering these procedures.

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