2022 Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide

Need a gift for someone you love? These are all favorite things of mine that make perfect presents.

The perfect gift is thoughtful, useful, and frequently maddeningly difficult to figure out.

I need all the help I can get in finding those elusive gifts.

If you do too, I wanted to share a few of my current favorite things. Because they might have the potential to be favorite things for the people on your list too.

And they just might be the perfect gift!

As usual with my gift guides, these are ALL items I own, have tried, or have given (or received) as gifts myself.

Buttery Soft Kitch Apron A dietitian colleague of mine created this line of full-coverage aprons for adults and kids. They’re soft, stretchy, and made from a wrinkle-resistant athleisure fabric. And they come in a bunch of cute patterns (I have the gingham!).

Turkish Beach Towel These oversized beach towels are colorful, quick-drying, and lightweight. I was actually gifted two of them last year from friends and used them at the pool all summer. This one is similar to the ones I have and comes in lots of different colors.

Self-Tanner Face Mist For your friend (like me) who can’t leave summer behind, this is the best self-tanner I’ve found for the face. Gives a subtle sun-kissed glow, lasts all day, and smells like the beach! Find it on Ulta or Amazon.

Color Guru Personal Color Consultation Knowing the colors that look the best (and worst) on me was a game-changer for shopping–and cleaning out my closet. How it works: You upload photos of yourself and get a custom color card with the exact shades that work for you. Use my code REALMOM to get 10% off (I’m an affiliate).

Why You’re So Awesome Book I’ve given this little book to two dear friends. It’s the perfect special gift that speaks from the heart and gives them something they’ll treasure forever. Each page gives you a prompt like “It’s awesome how you have such strong______” and “If we could bottle your awesome _____ we’d make a fortune”. Fill in the blanks with answers that are loving, silly, or some of both.

Gap Vintage Hoodie I love this cozy, old-school hoodie so much I got it in three colors, then bought a few for my husband and teen and sent one to a friend. It comes in several colors and in sizes for women (including petite and tall sizes!) and men, in both a zip-up or pull-over style.

Apple Airpods I’m several years late to this party, but finally snagged a pair of these after getting my headphone cord tangled with the dog leash one too many times. Now I’m totally sold! Easy to set up and use (even for technophobes like me) and the charge holds up to 24 hours. I’ve got the classic Airpods.

Silk Pillowcase 100% silk pillowcases are said to be good for your hair and your skin. They’re dreamy-soft and stay nice and cool on the flip-side. This one I have comes in a bunch of different shades.

Boiled Wool Slippers My husband and I both own warm and supportive Haflinger slipper clogs. They’re a splurge but high in quality and will hopefully last for many years. You can find them at Haflinger or through Zappos or other retailers.

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