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To blaze a trail is to step away from the well-worn path and its guaranteed, predictable success — trailblazers take new roads with greater risk but the chance to lead on the cutting edge.

The biopharma industry is a hotbed of innovation and a place for thinking differently about how to solve not just the medical mysteries of today but also the ones of tomorrow. And trailblazers don’t just advance scientific understanding — they also foster breakthroughs as strategists, infrastructure experts, communicators and more.

As important decisions about drug prices and regulatory efforts drown out the highest levels of the biopharma space, these are the leaders changing the fabric of the industry from within. The trailblazing leaders on this year’s PharmaVoice 100 list have innovative mindsets that make them invaluable assets to an industry built upon that foundation.

And when we talk about the future of the life sciences, these trailblazers are also clearing paths for others to follow in their footsteps, supporting a new generation of scientists, thinkers and creators as they strive to advance the industry in new and exciting ways.

Here are the 2023 PharmaVoice 100 trailblazers shaping tomorrow’s pharma landscape.

Shiz Aoki

CEO, co-founder, BioRender

Permission granted by Shiz Aoki


“I’m excited for advancements in AI to accelerate our ability to generate beautiful and scientifically accurate figures in a fraction of the time.” Read more

Jessica Ballinger

Professional photo of Jessica Ballinger

CEO, president, Lyndra Therapeutics

Permission granted by Jessica Ballinger


“Nothing we are doing at Lyndra has been done before, from R&D to manufacturing to regulatory. We’re reinventing medicine.” Read more

Kate Broderick

Professional photo of Kate Broderick

Chief innovation officer, Maravai LifeSciences

Permission granted by Kate Broderick


“We can solve so many unmet medical needs with mRNA vaccines and nucleic acid medicines that it feels like the possibilities are endless.” Read more

Dr. Uli Broedl

Professional photo of Uli Broedl

Senior vice president, head of global clinical development and operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

Permission granted by Uli Broedl


“My favorite part of the work day is exploring novel opportunities to create value for patients.” Read more

William Wei Cao

Professional photo of William Wei Cao

CEO, founder, chair, Gracell Biotechnologies

Permission granted by William Wei Cao


“When the macroenvironment improves, I would expect to see the next generation of cell therapies emerge with faster delivery, ease of use and lower cost.” Read more

Dr. Elizabeth Garner

Professional photo of Elizabeth Garner

Chief scientific officer, U.S., Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Permission granted by Elizabeth Garner


“I believe that both inspiration and motivation are achieved by example.” Read more

Mei Mei Hu

Professional photo of Mei Mei Hu

CEO, co-founder, Vaxxinity

Permission granted by Mei Mei Hu


“My favorite part of the day is my morning routine [when] I meditate by playing my singing bowls and set my intentions for the day.” Read more

Hong Jin

Professional photo of Hong Jin

Chief scientific officer, Blue Lake Biotechnology and CyanVac

Permission granted by Hong Jin


“My favorite part of the day is getting the job done.” Read more

Henry Pelish

Professional photo of Henry Pelish

Senior vice president, drug discovery, Nuvalent

Permission granted by Henry Pelish


“Research is at the core of my role in leading drug discovery and I’m fortunate to work with a talented internal team, scientific partners and a community of leading academic collaborators.” Read more

Elisabet de los Pinos

Professional photo of Elisabet de los Pinos

CEO, founder, Aura Biosciences

Permission granted by Elisabet de los Pinos


“I am very excited by the promise of creating treatments for conditions we previously thought were untreatable.” Read more

Dr. Shankar Ramaswamy

Professional photo of Shankar Ramaswamy

CEO, co-founder, Kriya Therapeutics

Permission granted by Shankar Ramaswamy


“The industry is moving away from aiming for incremental benefits to delivering transformational outcomes to patients.” Read more

Luis Roman

Professional photo of Luis Roman

Vice president, global platform leader, small molecules, Janssen

Permission granted by Luis Roman


“Resiliency is built when barriers are removed and decisions are made together. We change and become resilient the more we integrate.” Read more

Dr. Raymond Sanchez

Professional photo of Raymond Sanchez

Chief medical officer, Cerevel Therapeutics

Permission granted by Raymond Sanchez


“Far too often, we hear people say that neuroscience R&D is a ‘graveyard of failed therapies.’ I simply refuse to believe that.” Read more

Pascal Touchon

Professional photo of Pascal Touchon

CEO, president, Atara Biotherapeutics

Permission granted by Pascal Touchon


“Obtaining the first-ever approval for an allogeneic cell therapy has been a landmark achievement for the team as they are making history.” Read more

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