Should Plastic Surgery be Blamed?

Chethana had acted in a movie and TV series like Doresani and Geetha. Although Chethana had not informed her parents about the surgery, her family blamed

“She said she wanted to become slim and she said there are operations done regarding this and I have seen on YouTube also but she didn’t tell us that she will be getting it done here. Surgery started in the morning at 9 and they said by 2 PM it will get over. But time kept passing and by 5 pm she started feeling difficult to breath,” says Chethana’s father Varadraj.

Doctor’s Negligence: Reason of Death?

As Chethana was rushed to Kaade Hospital, the hospital alleged that at around 5:30 PM, one Anaesthetist Dr. Melvin barged into Kaade Hospital and pushed patient Chethana Raj into ICU.


The actress was reported to have succumbed to death while the cosmetic center was trying to shift her to Kaade Hospital.

“He demanded that our doctors treat patient on the lines indicated by him as the patient had suffered a cardiac arrest during some procedure at Shetty’s cosmetic center. The patient file depicting her condition was not provided. Patient found to have no pulse. Although patient was brought dead, we were coerced to declare (dead) around 6:45 PM,” says the Kaade Hospital in its report on

Plastic Surgery — Is It Dangerous?

Fat-free surgery/liposuction is one of the commonly opted procedures, especially in film industries where the pressure of external personality (leading to undesirable practices) is a priority.

It is stated that accumulation of fluid (post-surgery complication) in her lungs (Pulmonary Edema) might be the major reason for her breathlessness and fatality. Although these complications are rare, excess formation of fluid, and blood clots (leading to fat embolism) in the lungs can lead to serious complications and death.

Post-autopsy, Chethana’s body has been given to the family, and police have started a probe after the case registration.

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