Plug-in Interface Will Soon Usher in New Generation of Compact Medical Devices

Microfluidic devices use channels as small as a few micrometers across, cut into a plastic membrane, to carry out biological or chemical tests on a miniature scale.

They could be used, for example, in compact devices used for medical diagnosis, food safety or environmental monitoring.

Cell phones with increasingly sophisticated cameras could be turned into microscopes that could read such tests in the field.


But it is difficult to connect these chips to electronic devices that can read the results of a test and store, display or transmit it.

Pan said that the fit-to-flow connectors can be integrated with a standard peripheral component interconnect (PCI) device commonly used in consumer electronics, while an embedded micropump will provide on-demand, self-propelled microfluidic operations.

With this standard connection scheme, chips that carry out different tests could be plugged into the same device-such as a cell phone, PDA or laptop-to read the results.

The findings were published in the journal Lab on a Chip.

Source: ANI

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