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Pharmaceutical Technology Excellence Awards 2023: dispenSense

Navi Group is a leading pharmacy retail, buying, and technology company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company won in three categories – Business Expansion, Innovation, and Product Launches – in the 2023 Pharmaceutical Technology Awards for their dispenSense product.

dispenSense’s first-in-class dispensary software

Navi Group is recognised for its innovative approach to pharmacy management and its contribution to community health with the launch of its first-in-class pharmacy management system (PMR), dispenSense, which is the first fully cloud-based PMR to be introduced in the Irish pharmacy market.

dispenSense PMR is the first fully cloud-based PMR launched in the Irish pharmacy sector.

Offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline pharmacy operations, this cloud-based system not only enables more efficient and secure pharmacy operations but also supports enhanced patient care.

The system is scalable and can integrate new modules, services, and devices seamlessly. Leveraging a Kubernetes Cluster, the software boasts auto-scaling, self-healing, and load-balancing features, epitomising resilience and efficiency.

The system simplifies pharmacists’ tasks with built-in dispensing checks, automatic updates from the IPU webservice, and the ability to manage necessary changes such as VAT rates and fees.

dispenSense pharmacist
dispenSense PMR simplifies pharmacists’ tasks and saves them time.

Patients stand to gain from an improved pharmacy experience as the system streamlines administrative procedures, thereby freeing up precious time for pharmacists to concentrate on patient care. With stringent data security measures in place, the system ensures sensitive patient information remains protected. Additionally, the dedicated patient app enhances communication with pharmacies, facilitating easier access to services such as vaccinations. The solution has the potential to transform the way pharmacies engage with their users, prioritising convenience and care in the patient’s journey.

The product has seen significant adoption since its launch, with 19 pharmacies having purchased it in 2023 alone, contributing to the expansion of Navi Group’s business in Ireland.

Company Profile

dispenSense is popular through its sister brands Axium Buying Group, Thera Pharmaceuticals Ltd, TouchPlus Technologies, CarePlus Pharmacy, and StayWell Pharmacy, all of which operate under the Navi Group.

Navi Group has a robust network of more than 550 pharmacy partners and 4,700 pharmacy staff across Ireland.

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