Medicaid Telemedicine Coverage Enhances Healthcare Access

Recently published online in the journal Health Services Research, the findings were based on nationally representative data from the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Consumer Survey of Health Care Access.

“With many states having implemented or expanded telemedicine protection during the pandemic, our study provides valuable insights that can inform policymakers’ decision-making efforts moving forward.”

Telemedicine requirements for Medicaid and private insurers are determined at the state level, leading to a diverse landscape of policies across the country, with reimbursement rates and cost-sharing arrangements for virtual and in-person services that vary across insurers. This disparity may be due to higher barriers to access for this population, including transportation limitations, less English proficiency, advanced age and functional limitations.


“Our investigation into the relationship between state policies and healthcare usage and access underscores the tremendous potential telemedicine has to help overcome barriers and improve health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of their social or demographic circumstances,” Lipton said. “Understanding the role of state policies in telemedicine use and access will prove instrumental in shaping future policymaking efforts as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve beyond the pandemic.”

Source: Eurekalert

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