International Men’s Day (IMD) – 2021

Appeals for international men’s day have been around since the 1960s.

who was a history lecturer at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad Tobago.

The day November 19 was chosen by him to honor his father’s birthday. The occasion provides a great prospect to appreciate all the good deeds that earnest men have done and value their importance in life.


The Objectives for International Men’s Day are:

  • Appreciating and recognizing male role models and their contribution

  • Refining male health, the discrimination, and disadvantages encountered

  • Making the world a safer place for all by nurturing optimistic gender relations

International Men’s Day Celebration

This year the 2021 theme for IMD is “Better relations between men and women.” The theme strives to create gender equality for both men and women, thereby improving gender relations.

Nearly 80 countries around the globe engage in international men’s day celebration. Several events like public seminars, discussions, conferences, fundraising events, parliamentary speeches, music concerts, campaigns and peaceful awareness marches, are structured to promote cognizance on the well-being of all men.

Let us all pledge to foster a better world for everyone on this international men’s day.

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