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Future of Work hiring activity decreased in the pharmaceutical industry in Q2 2023

Notably, Management Occupations jobs accounted for a 17% share of the global pharmaceutical industry’s future of work-related total new job postings in Q2 2023, down 27% over the prior quarter.

Management Occupations drive future of work-related hiring activity

Management Occupations, with a share of 17%, emerged as the top future of work-related job roles within the pharmaceutical industry in Q2 2023, with new job postings drop by 27% quarter-on-quarter. Computer and Mathematical Occupations came in second with a share of 16% in Q2 2023, with new job postings dropping by 19% over the previous quarter.

The other prominent future of work roles include Sales and Related Occupations with an 8% share in Q2 2023, Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations with a 6% share of new job postings.

Top five companies in pharmaceutical industry accounted for 37% of hiring activity

The top companies, in terms of number of new job postings tracked by GlobalData, as of Q2 2023 were Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Eisai, Novartis, and Merck. Together they accounted for a combined share of 37% of all future of work-related new jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Novo Nordisk posted 850 future of work-related new jobs in Q2 2023, Pfizer 680 jobs, Eisai 648 jobs, Novartis 559 jobs, and Merck 405 jobs, according to GlobalData’s Job Analytics.

Hiring activity was driven by the US with a 52.56% share of total new job postings, Q2 2023

The largest share of future of work-related new job postings in the pharmaceutical industry in Q2 2023 was in the US with 52.56% followed by India (13.32%) and Denmark (5.30%). The share represented by the US was six percentage points lower than the 58.85% share it accounted for in Q1 2023.

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This content was updated on 24 July 2023

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