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Eyenovia and Formosa partner for new ophthalmic therapeutics

Ophthalmic technology firm Eyenovia and Formosa Pharmaceuticals have entered a collaboration agreement to develop new ophthalmic therapeutics.

The collaboration will combine the Optejet dispensing technology of Eyenovia with the APNT nanoparticle formulation platform of Formosa to develop topical therapeutics.

The Optejet microdose formulation and delivery platform use Microdose Array Print (MAP) technology for delivering 6ml-8ml of the drug.

It reduces the overdosing and unnecessary drug exposure risk.

Formosa’s APNT platform reduces the particle size of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. This enables penetration to relevant compartments in the eye.

The ingredient size reduction might help expand the universe of existing and future drugs that may benefit from drug delivery using the Optejet dispenser.

Eyenovia CEO Michael Rowe said: “We have assembled a large and growing body of evidence demonstrating the many benefits of Optejet, including improved patient compliance and the achievement of therapeutic doses of medication with far less stress on the ocular surface than other forms of administration such as standard eye drops.

“Through this development collaboration, we gain not only access to Formosa’s proven ophthalmic formulation expertise for further development using Optejet but also its APNT formulation technology, which opens up several new and large market indications for potential expansion of our own development pipeline.”

Eyenovia and Formosa plan to collaborate on testing the drug formulations and hold discussions with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to execute a development and commercialisation deal.

Under the deal, both companies will work together to develop new drugs using APNT formulations in the Optejet dispenser.

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